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Ubuntu is more up-to-date than Debian, and I'm too used to Apt to look beyond Debian-like. It just works, and that's all I need for day-to-day use, really.


  • Get a network installer image here
  • Use main-ubuntu as the host
  • Make a minimal installation, selecting only ubuntu-desktop

Initial setup

  • Install open-vm-tools-desktop
  • Install i3, as described here, then log into it
  • Mount host's .ssh folder, copy SSH config and keys
mkdir .ssh
cp /mnt/hgfs/.ssh/id_rsa* .ssh/
chmod 600 .ssh/*
sudo cp -r .ssh /root/
  • Download Unison from here, install it
pushd dumpster
wget http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison//download/releases/stable/unison-*.tar.gz
tar -xzf unison-*.tar.gz
pushd unison-*
sudo apt-get build-dep unison
make UISTYLE=text
sudo mv unison /usr/local/bin
popd; popd
  • Setup synchronization
mkdir sync
chmod 700 sync
mkdir .unison
cat > .unison/sync.prf <<EOL
root = $HOME/sync
root = ssh://root@home.jevs.me//storage/sync
auto = true
sudo unison sync
  • Synchronize dot files
rm .bashrc
ln -s ~/sync/settings/home/.bashrc
ln -s ~/sync/settings/home/.bash_aliases
ln -s ~/sync/settings/home/.gitconfig
rm -r .config/i3
ln -s ~/sync/settings/home/.i3 .config/i3
pushd .ssh
rm config known_hosts
ln -s ~/sync/settings/home/.ssh/config
ln -s ~/sync/settings/home/.ssh/known_hosts
  • Install git, as it's needed for the next step
sudo apt-get install -y git
  • Install xcwd, needed for i3
pushd dumpster
git clone https://github.com/schischi/xcwd
pushd xcwd
sudo mv xcwd /usr/local/bin/
popd; popd
  • Set Base16 Eighties as Terminal's colors
pushd dumpster
git clone https://github.com/chriskempson/base16-gnome-terminal
source base16-gnome-terminal/base16-eighties.dark.sh
  • Uncheck Show menubar by default in Preferences
  • Set the font to Monospace 9 in Profile Preferences
  • Download Sublime Text from here, install it
pushd dumpster
wget sublime-text_build-*_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i sublime-text_build-*_amd64.deb
  • Install Package Control, as described here
  • Install Package Syncing package
  • Select Define Sync Folder and point it to /home/jeremejevs/sync/settings/sublime
  • Restart Sublime Text, show side bar, hide tabs, hide menu
  • Install gksu, so that Sublime Text is able to save protected files
sudo apt-get install -y gksu
  • Install Docker and add yourself to the docker group, as described here
  • Install curl, as it's needed for Docker Compose installation
sudo apt-get install curl
  • Install Docker Compose, as described here
  • Set main-ubuntu.local.jevs.me main-ubuntu as the FQDN in /etc/hosts
  • Quick clean-up
rm -r Desktop/ Documents/ Downloads/ Music/ Pictures/ Public/ Templates/ Videos/ examples.desktop
  • Make sure the MAC address is up-to-date on the router
  • Update .config/i3/status with a correct network interface