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Disable notifications

Set search language to English



Disable error message popups

  • File > Preferences > Advanced > Playback
  • Untick Show error message popups


Disable parsing of equals sign in templates

  • includes > parser > Preprocessor_DOM.php
  • Search for:

} elseif ( $found == 'pipe' ) {

  • Put false instead of true on the next line

Sublime Text

Disable indentation detection

  • Append to user preferences:

"detect_indentation": false


Disable all ads

  • Options > Preferences > Advanced
  • Type offers in the filter box
  • Set all boolean settings to false

Visual Studio

Windows Phone 8 Emulator's virtual switch issue

  • Enable Hyper-V in Windows Features
  • Launch Hyper-V Manager and create an internal switch called Windows Phone Emulator Internal Switch
  • Open settings of the emulator and remove all irrelevant network adapters


Broadcasting audio to multiple outputs

  • Download and install Virtual Audio Cable
  • Set Line 1 as default device in Playback devices
  • Launch Audio Repeater (MME) for each output device, set Wave in to Line 1 and Wave out to the device, press Start

Disable auto-restart

  • Launch gpedit.msc
  • Go to Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update
  • Set No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations to Enabled
  • Set Configure Automatic Updates to Notify for download and notify for install source

Disable mouse acceleration

Extract an icon/cursor from a binary

Highlight the cursor


  • Stop and disable these services:

HomeGroup Listener
HomeGroup Provider

  • Grant yourself permissions on the following keys:


  • Change their Attribute value's data to 0xb094010c
  • Remove these keys:



Mount folder as a drive

psubst %LETTER%: %FOLDER% /P

  • Run this to create a persistent mount:

psubst %LETTER%: /D /P

  • Re-sign in

Network adapter priority

  • Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings > Advanced > Advanced Settings > Provider Order
  • Rearrange the network providers as desired
  • Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings > %ADAPTER% > Properties > IPv4 > Advanced
  • The lower metric value you set, the higher priority the adapter gets

One click window switch

Rebuild icon cache

Remove touch keyboard

  • Win + W > Services
  • Stop and disable Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service

Replace an icon/cursor in a binary

Restore original icon

  • Right click > Properties > Customize > Change Icon
  • Put %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\SHELL32.dll in Look for icons in this file

Take ownership